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This event was run by the MaSNA board members and consisted of pertinent information. During this event, general information about the organization was shared and shortly after, Dean Read spoke, as well as Dr. Mahmoud Kaddoura. His presentation was comprised of what we, nurses, needed to know the most about the upcoming NCLEX exam. He stressed the importance of practicing these questions and familiarizing ourselves with the actual test. Throughout the presentation, he quizzed the audience by asking some questions, which he assured us, would be on the test. The presentation then broke up into two parts: one consisting of starting a SNA chapter on a collegiate level and the other learning more about the MaSNA.

The part that I enjoyed the most was Dr. Kaddoura’s presentation, reason being mainly because his background story was so inspiring. He received his BSN from the American University of Beirut and additionally worked as a lecturer and Academic Courses’ Coordinator for the Ministry of Health Schools of Nursing in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). I loved the cultural aspects he brought into the presentation, which made it unique and interesting in it’s own way. I also liked when he quizzed us on NCLEX questions because I learned more than I thought I would. Some of the information I learned even helped me with clinical material for the following week. This was critical for me, given that I am now able to remember this information more readily than if I hadn’t learned it during this presentation.

This event provided a new understanding by helping me realize how important it is to succeed and practice for the NCLEX in order to prove my skills as a nurse. This test requires critical thinking and as a nurse, that’s one of the most important tools used on a daily basis. As far as leadership, this event taught me that it’s important to take initiative and inform my nursing peers of the importance of preparing early for the NCLEX and to begin practicing as soon as possible. The health aspect ties directly to the knowledge necessary to apply to the healthcare setting while working with patients, which must be both learned and studied for the NCLEX. Last but not least, Dr. Mahmoud Kaddoura taught me how important diversity is and that just because you come from another area of the world or English may not be your first language, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to succeed in what you do. As long as you put the time and effort, anything is possible. And most importantly…practice!

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