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Towards the end of the first semester the KILN students had the great opportunity of meeting with Dr. Norma Martínez Rogers, president of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN).  She discussed the topic of being a minority in the nursing profession and on the BC campus. The students participating in the discussion represented different backgrounds.

The part I enjoyed the most was a conversation between one of the African American students and Dr. Linda Battle, director of Nursing Education at Kaplan College.  The student said how she would have rather gone to a more diverse school (a historically Black College) due to the low percentage of minority students at BC.  Dr. Linda Battle noted how just because a school’s student body is composed of one racial minority does not mean there is diversity.  Her comment brought out a common misconception that diversity only refers to the African American, Hispanic, or Asian race but instead it should refer to a mixture of all races.  I thought this point was a strong one that should be understood more in society.

The meeting with Norma Martínez Rogers brought our sense of racial community together as a group.  She communicated the importance of helping each other out and pushing each other to strive for higher goals as a way to pursue our dreams.