On August 11th, I went to the RoxComp Health Fair with Professor Harris.  There were several tables set up around a large court outside the Community Center. I specifically helped at the Adult Health table.  It was a great environment because there was music, food, and children playing.  Most importantly, what I realized was that there was love.  The great thing about community nursing is that you have the opportunity to establish and maintain a relationship with your patients, which strengthens the bond you create with them.  When I learned that I would be taking our clients’ blood pressures and checking their glucose readings, I felt relieved because that is something I thought I mastered.  On the contrary, I had a tough time at first because it was difficult to hear with the music in the background.  All of a sudden, this became a teaching moment because I had to learn to carefully auscultate with everything that was going around.  I was lucky to have other nurses working with me and compared their readings with mine.  Overtime, I became confident again and the thought sunk into me that you DO learn something new everyday.