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I attended the Winston Center Lunch with a Leader series featuring Scott Brown, chief operating officer and president of Sage Products. Sage Products is one of the leading manufacturers of healthcare products. They sell their innovative products to healthcare facilities all around the world and have been improving clinical outcomes by decreasing the hazard of hospital-acquired infections. Scott Brown discussed how he became involved in Sage Products, what the company stands for, how the company functions, and what the company values. The purpose of this event was to display different jobs in health care and to show how private companies can be run just as successfully as those that go public.
Brown emphasized that Sage Products focuses on being innovative and solving “real” problems. An example of the company’s creativity was the development of biohazard bins. In the 1980’s, when Brown first joined the company, they were just launching their invention of the biohazard bins. This was during the hepatitis outbreak in America, and Sage Products believed that they needed to do something to prevent physicians from contracting the illness. This was also very necessary during the AIDS outbreak in the 1980’s as healthcare professionals needed a way to safely dispose of used equipment. Sage Products also created hygiene products for the patients, such as disposable washcloths. These were created to reduce the spread of germs so that patients would not get worse by contracting germs. I found both of these inventions very interesting because they correlated with the company’s focus on being innovative.
When I think about the health care industry I commonly think of just the doctors, nurses, and patients and forget about other key players in the industry, such as the manufacturers of health care products. This presentation opened my eyes to see how many little things go into creating a safe and reputable healthcare facility and how the different professions can collaborate to make improvements in the health care field.