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During the months of October and November, I went to two recruiting events where I was able to meet with many diverse high school students interested in attending the Boston College (BC) William F. Connell School of Nursing (CSON). The YMCA Black Achievers College Fair was held at the Boston College Flynn Recreation Complex. The other college fair took place at the Boston Latin Academy in Roxbury.  I enjoyed sharing my experiences and knowledge with high school students.  Like many others, I had to adapt to a university setting during my freshman year.  It was not an easy process but I met many students and learned about the different resources the BC community offers, which helped me adjust to the college life.

At the recruiting events I met many high school students who took a tour of BC and automatically decided not to go because they concluded that BC lacked diversity.  Through talking with them, I informed them that the way to really see the diversity at BC would be to take a tour with an AHANA student.  The normal BC tours do not neglect to mention AHANA events, but a tour with an AHANA student depicts what college life is like for an African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American students.  Also, many of the AHANA students are involved with several of the culture clubs offered at BC.

Through the two recruiting events I was able to learn about what prospective students look for when considering colleges.  I was asked many typical questions about GPA, SAT scores, and learning systems at BC, but also about diversity, student life, classes and relationships between students and professors. What I enjoyed most was having the ability to inform and maybe even affect the lives of the prospective students. I was able to meet many high school students of different cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds. Overall, it was a good experience and I even gave my email out to students who wanted to take tours of the campus with an AHANA student.