Thus far being a part of the KILN program has opened my eyes to numerous opportunities and has made many resources available to me. For example, through KILN I was able to develop a relationship with the program’s Summer Immersion Program Coordinator, Dr. Angela Amar. I had the opportunity to intern for her this summer as part of her research team, which focused on the sexual assault of women. I had many tasks such as: researching recent articles on women’s sexual assault, creating spread sheets and surveys, and visiting websites of various schools in America to research their availability of resources for women in the case they were sexually assaulted.

One of the projects Dr. Amar assigned to me and impacted me the most was reviewing a survey conducted on BC female students about their experiences at BC regarding sexual assault. I was shocked to learn that many young women at BC had been victims of sexual assault at BC or had someone close to them at BC experience it. The responses I saw repeatedly were that young women at BC would rather tell someone close to them about a sexual assault incident rather than keep it to themselves. However, there were many girls who felt ashamed to share an experience like that with anyone else.

Overall, I learned a vast amount about how sexual assault affects women and how it is imperative that resources be made accessible for women in the case that an incident involving sexual assault should ever happen. Thanks to KILN I was able to develop a relationship with Dr. Amar and had the fabulous opportunity to work with her this summer.