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On November 13, 2010 I attended the Massachusetts Student Nursing Association (MASNA) annual fall conference at Boston College.  The conference included many prominent guest speakers, a graduate students’ panel, stress reduction techniques, and a NCLEX review session.  The speakers included: Gino Chisari, director of the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional  Development; Donna Cullinan and Allyssa Harris, KILN project staff and BC faculty; Margaret  Hassett, independent informatics consultant; Linda Smith, clinical facilitator at Becker College; Judith Pare, professor at MCPHS; and Nancy Shendell, senior vice president of Patient Care Service and chief nursing officer at Tufts Medical Center. These speakers represented the diverse career paths available in the nursing field.  One of the speakers I enjoyed listening to was Judith Pare.  Pare spoke about her experience of working with Alzheimer patients and how she learned a valuable lesson from each.

Another part of this conference I enjoyed was the graduate students’ panel and the NCLEX review session.  From the panel, I was able gain insightful information about how to prepare for the future upon graduation and the struggles of new graduates.  The NCLEX review session featured commonly covered content and questions from the NCLEX.  Overall, I truly enjoyed this event because it allowed me to experience the diversity of nursing and stirred excitement about starting a nursing career.