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On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, we had the honor of having Dina Juhasz, senior nurse/pharmacy recruiter from Children’s Hospital Boston, speak to us about the job search process, especially pertaining to health care careers.  Juhasz gave extensive and valuable tips on the interview process and writing a resume.  It was worthwhile to hear from someone with so much experience and whose job is to recruit the most capable and outstanding people in the health care field.  Dina Juhasz’s presentation ranged from details on dressing for an interview to tackling the big concerns of everyone who wonders what recruiters look for in candidates.

Juhasz’s personal touch of humor made the presentation enjoyable.  It was informative yet personal because she made it her priority to engage the KILN scholars in asking questions and ensured that we all walk away with a new sense of confidence.  The presentation also included a personal success story; Juhasz invited a current nurse, José Vega, to speak to us about his job/internship search experience.  Vega was in our position a few years ago, worrying about his future, but is now employed and advancing his career in Children’s Hospital.  Hearing his story in conjunction with Juhasz’s tips was an encouraging experience that empowered us to aim for our potential as future nurses.