From left to right: Dean Susan Gennaro, Annya Diane, Professor Allyssa Harris, Myriam Charles-Pierre, Jennifer Etienne, and Associate Dean Catherine Read

On February 11, 2011, Jennifer Etienne, Myriam Charles-Pierre, and I attended the 23rd Annual New England Regional Black Nurses Association (NERBNA) Excellence in Nursing Awards Ceremony, along with Dean Read and Dean Gennaro. This is my second year attending this great event. In addition, our very own Allyssa Harris was an award recipient that night.

I thoroughly enjoyed this event not only because it was a night to honor black nurses making differences in their community, but it was an occasion to hear the touching stories, the laughter, the inspirational words, and the vastly different journeys through the world of diverse nursing. As a nursing student at Boston College this event was a great opportunity to network and see that nursing is such a growing and multi-faceted field for everyone. This event also provided me with the understanding that nursing is not just about providing basic care for a patient but finding ways to go above and beyond that. Like one speaker at the awards ceremony said, Nursing is about “finding unordinary ways to do ordinary things.”

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