Jessica, originally from Cambridge and later Medford, grew up in the shadows of some of the world’s greatest healthcare institutions. It seemed only natural that she had planned to become a doctor. However, as a “pre-med” student at Boston College, Jessica came to realize that it wasn’t for her. With the help of her advisors and mentors, she transferred to nursing. The content, the real-life application of new knowledge in clinical situations, and the relatively small size of the classes where she had the opportunity to work closely with faculty and peers proved to be the perfect choice for her. As the first KILN graduate in December of 2010, Jessica has passed her NCLEX exam and is now searching for the perfect first nursing position. From the faculty comments below, it is easy to see that Jessica has set the bar for those KILN Scholars who follow.

Faculty Comments:
Jessica’s thoughtful approach to both patients and peers truly exemplifies what it means to be a Boston College Nurse. I had the pleasure of witnessing this passion during her Senior Synthesis clinical experience. She was placed in the Gynecological Oncology unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital. This experience provided Jessica the opportunity to really shine as a competent and compassionate novice nurse as well as a stellar student. She has an innate ability to always be mindful of both the psychosocial as well as physical needs of her patients.  She is a respected leader and fellow students look to her as a mentor. She embraces this challenge and is consistently positive and attentive to other students. This has been greatly appreciated not only by her peers, but also by clinical instructors and faculty.”
Amy Smith on Jessica’s Senior Synthesis Clinical Experience

“Jessica was in my South Boston Clinical group for the Community Nursing Clinical in the Fall of 2010. I watched her grow professionally as she adjusted to Community Health Nursing which is a totally different environment from what the students are used to. She experienced the roles of a school nurse and a parish nurse conducting flu clinics. She also visited frail elders at their homes. I was impressed by her ability to communicate with people of all ages – from elementary school age to elders in their nineties. She was able to tailor teaching about health promotion to the age of the people she was working with. She did well on home visits and was able to instruct homebound elders about managing their disease, taking medications, and being safe in their homes. Moreover, Jessica became involved in an advocacy project to increase funding to ETHOS, an agency that services elders.”
Mary McColgan on Jessica’s Community Nursing Clinical

Jessica has truly been a wonderful research assistant and addition to my research team over the past year. Her intelligent and thoughtful contributions have helped push my projects forward in an exciting way. She has been actively involved in the planning and execution of several projects across campus to help increase awareness surrounding sexual assault and domestic violence.  Jessica has taken part in several CARE week activities and demonstrations in addition to helping out with organizing sexual assault awareness month campaigns for the undergraduate students.  She has also worked closely with research data and collection. Jessica’s passion for nursing is evident in her participation in many organizations. Her dedication to the research team members and endeavors is beyond compare and will no doubt translate directly to her patient care in the near future.”
Angela Amar on Jessica as a Research Assistant

“Rarely will a student enter psychiatric clinical with a sense of comfort and self-confidence; Jessica was not an exception in this area. Despite her initial anxiety, she was eager to challenge herself with assignments and often volunteered to work with the more acutely ill client. Jessica is unassuming and gentle but tenacious in her efforts to find the best way of supporting a client’s recovery. She is also able to support her fellow students in their process of getting acclimated to a specialty that is unlike any other clinical. I enjoyed working with Jessica and witnessing her growing sense of comfort and professionalism.”
Pamela Terreri on Jessica’s Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical

As a newly-minted ‘alum’ and rising star in the nursing profession, Jessica serves as a role model for KILN students who will follow. In a recent email Jessica offered this useful advice about studying for the NCLEX: “Make studying fun. I know it sounds kind of crazy to try to make studying fun, but if you create a pre-test and post-test system where you can evaluate the areas in your nursing knowledge that may be weaker than others and literally chart your progress, you will gain so much more from your time studying. This is something that Jean O’Neil taught me during my time working with her and it is honestly the most valuable technique I have learned in studying for the exam.”

We wish Jessica all the best and look forward to following her progress in the years to come!