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Dr. Linda Burnes Bolton

On Monday, April 11 I attended the Pinnacle Lecture Series featuring Dr. Linda Burnes Bolton.  Burnes Bolton is the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Her speech was entitled, The Future of Nursing: Human Caring for All.  As the title suggests, Burnes Bolton called us all to embrace the nursing career into our very beings.  She urged us all to step out of our comfort zones and be both the leaders and stewards that are in such high demand.  One point that resonated with me the most is that, according to Burnes Bolton, exclusions and solutions cannot coexist.  To be a problem solver you must seek to include everyone.

Burnes Bolton is recognized for her dedication of developing a community collaboration model to improve the quality and access of healthcare.  Her area of research, clinical, and teaching mastery is centered on community health.  Although Burnes Bolton has strive to increase the quality of care in ethic and racial communities, she has focus a great deal on nursing and patient care outcomes, improving the health of childbearing women and functional health literacy throughout the community.  The list of her accomplishments and involvement in the field of nursing was extensive but what was even more grand is that she took the time to share her frame of mind to all who would listen.