On April 20, 2011 the KILN students had the opportunity to listen to several community health and global health presentations by KILN students. Also, members of the Nicaragua service-learning group and the Haiti medical mission group, which included KILN scholars, presented on their respective experiences abroad. Faculty and students were welcomed to attend the meeting and enjoy the presentation. The presentations varied from community health trips to Nicaragua and Haiti to individual community health projects in the Boston area.

As a freshman, it was very interesting to hear from the upperclassmen about their community health experiences and their nursing interests. They participated in projects that addressed major community health concerns such as diabetes prevention and language barriers between health care providers and patients. From all of the students’ presentations it was apparent they had a passion in what they were doing and were enthused to be making a difference, directly or indirectly, in people’s lives. The presentations also showed that students maximized their experiences and gained a vast amount of knowledge. Listening to the presenters made me think about my interests and how I can integrate them to contribute to the community.