On October 21, 2011 during the KILN monthly seminar, three topics were presented to the KILN scholars. These included understanding concepts of research, conducting oneself professionally, and maintaining good organization and time management skills.

Professor Harris talked to us about her research on the influence of urban literature on African-American adolescent girls’ sexual behaviors. In explaining her research, she provided a variety of information about the research process and how to become involved in such projects. She also mentioned Sandra Dickson, a KILN scholar, who is working as the undergraduate research fellow in this project, to show the likeliness of students participating in faculty- based research. Additionally, I was intrigued when she explained how Urban Literature may have an effect on the sexual behaviors teens engaged in, which ultimately adds to the scaring statistics of the sexual transmitted diseases in different ethnics group.

Jennifer Etienne and Anya Diané, KILN scholars, enlightened the group with helpful tips on how to behave professionally, both in the nursing world and outside the nursing perimeter. The tips mentioned were the following: dressing and speaking professionally, behaving confidently, being reliable and honest, showing respect to an supporting others, having a positive attitude, and following up on promises. All of these tips were provided in order to display good professionalism.

Furthermore, Terry Bustos and Malika Weekes, KILN scholars as well, explained the essentials of time management and organization skills as means to help us improve our study habits and become better students.

I found all topics particularly beneficial and meaningful to my development as a nursing professional. Research is an important aspect in progressing within the nursing community and the healthcare field. Our actions play an important role in how we portray ourselves to others, especially our future supervisors, co-workers, and patients. Time management and organization skills contribute to our success in completing academic, professional, and personal tasks.