From left to right: KILN Scholars Savita Sukha, Taylor Fischer, Chenille Morrison, and Cassandra Hernandez

On October 7, 2011, I attended the Massachusetts Student Nurses’ Association Fall conference at the Newton Marriot.  MASNA is a member of the National Student Nurses’ association for the students enrolled in Massachusetts nursing programs.  The purpose of the conference was to bring nurses as well as those of us who will be future nurses together and allow us to share experiences and advice.  The attendees included the President and Co-President of the Massachusetts Student Nurses’ Association as well as some members who were recent graduates and fairly new nurses, one of whom graduated from Boston College this past year.  They shared some advice with us including stories about service trips, how they prepared for the NCLEX, how they managed their time during their undergrad years, and some experiences that have stuck out to them so far in their nursing careers.  An NCLEX review was also provided which went over the major aspects of the NCLEX that we will all have to take before we become nurses.  There were also representatives from several nursing programs and different opportunities displayed for those interested.

I, personally, found the testimonials of the recent graduates especially helpful to me in my development as a nursing professional.  They spoke about things that I could relate to because they were in my position not too long ago.  They gave us advice on how to deal with stress and how to handle tough situations we will eventually have to encounter.  They also served as an inspiration as they were people who have actually finished the process and have been successful.  Sometimes the process to becoming a nurse can feel gruesome and never-ending, but it was nice to know that they made it and that we will too.

This event definitely allowed me to see what real nurses of Massachusetts are participating in and what kinds of jobs are out there.  It also helped me in networking and allowed me to think about future opportunities.  The NCLEX review also was especially helpful because it got me to begin thinking about ways to prepare.  I definitely believe that I benefited from attending the conference.  I know that from this experience, I gained knowledge and tools that will allow me to be the best professional I can be.  I hope to attend more events like this in the future.