This past Friday we had a seminar full of activities. Two of the KILN seniors, Nicole Joseph and Tiara Alston, presented on their community health projects. KILN alumni, Jessica Fenty-Scotland, Djerica Lamousnery, and Sabianca Delva talked to current students about life after college, their jobs, NCLEX and job search tips, etc.  It was a great opportunity for students to engage in a discussion and to follow up with KILN alumni.  Moreover,  the KILN staff  recognized KILN scholars who have excelled in different areas and presented them with awards.  The awards and award recipients were as follows:

Sandra Dickson ’13 receiving the Key Award, which was presented by Mentoring Coordinator Dr. Allyssa Harris.

The Key Award is awarded to the KILN scholar who demonstrates noteworthy scholarship.  Besides excelling academically, Sandra Dickson demonstrates a passion for learning that extends beyond classroom work.  Sandra is currently an undergraduate research fellow for Professor Harris. She has been a tremendous asset to her providing insight about teen dating and the new slang encountered on her urban lit project.  She is also the recipient of the 2012 MLK scholarship, which is awarded to one BC junior whose activities and values reflect King’s philosophy.  Sandra also seeks opportunities to share knowledge with others through her work as a peer advisor for the professional nursing seminar and as a KILN mentor.  She was recently inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society for Nursing and continues to excel in her work for Children’s Hospital, the Office of AHANA Student Programs, and the AHANA Leadership Council.  She never ceases to amaze us and keeps us wondering what her next accomplishments will be.

Associate Dean and KILN Project Director Dr. Catherine Read gives Terry Bustos ’13 the Inclusivity Award

The Inclusivity Award is awarded to the KILN scholar who embraces all and engages others in nursing and health care.  Through various aspects of her professional and personal development, Terry Bustos has demonstrated sincere interest in learning about others.  Terry was awarded an Advanced Study Grant in 2011, which allowed her to conduct a project comparing healthcare in public and private clinical settings within the Philippines, interview Filipino healthcare leaders about the social determinants of health in the population, and enhance her fluency in Tagalog (the Filipino language).  Since this experience, Terry has been committed to sharing her insights at meetings and at the BC Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Terry also studied in Madrid to learn more about the Spanish culture and enhance her Spanish skills.  Throughout her participation as a peer leader for the CSON Summer Immersion Program and a retreat for Kairos, Terry has promoted community cohesion while respecting each individual.  She will also be leading the upcoming Arrupe trip to Jamaica and has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Corazon and Benigno Aquino Scholarship competition.  We wish her the best on her summer job as a nurse extern at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ.

The Leadership Award is awarded to the KILN scholar who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the nursing community.  Anna Diané has truly maximized her potential as a leader and provided inspiration for others along the way.  Anna attended her first conference of the MaSNA in 2010, and today she serves as the organization’s president.  Her abilities as a leader and team player contributed to the great success of the MaSNA fall conference and the Nursing Career forum.  Anna was also awarded a competitive Hausman Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital the summer of 2011, where she participated in activities that will facilitate her transition from student to professional nurse.  She was also part of the CSON trip to Haiti this year.  From the moment she was chosen she was enthusiastic and willing to help in whatever was needed.  She provided care to all she met and was deeply touched by her experiences, especially by the children in the orphanages.  In addition, her active role in CSON’s Diversity Advisory Board and desire to help develop a diverse nursing workforce made her a great candidate to spearhead one of the Board’s projects.  Throughout her senior year, Anna produced a video that will be used during the Connell School’s faculty development programs to educate about diversity and the minority experience within BC’s school of nursing.  As one of her fellow KILN scholars wrote “Anna’s accomplishments and service will undoubtedly leave a mark in the School of Nursing.”   We wish her the best as she enters into a new chapter of her life.

Dr. Allyssa Harris presents Chenille Morrison ’14 with the Rising Star in Nursing Award

The Rising Star in Nursing Award is awarded to the KILN scholar who demonstrates significant potential for the future contributions to nursing.  Chenille Morrison started as a responsible KILN freshman scholar, and this year she has demonstrated her potential to make important contributions in the nursing field.  Chenille has taken an active role as a SNA member and AHANA Representative to the Undergraduate Nursing Student Senate.  She is also the Recording Secretary for MaSNA.  Her determination and understanding of how political and socio-economic factors affect healthcare has led her to participate in activities that advocate for the most vulnerable members of society.  She also embraces professional opportunities and has attended the NSNA Northeast Leadership conference, MaSNA fall conference, and the NSNA convention.  We look forward to hearing about her experience in the Global Health Perspectives course in Ecuador and following her progress in the years to come.

The Outstanding Scholar Award is awarded to a senior KILN scholar who exemplifies the mission of KILN.  Paulina Miklosz has not only excelled academically but demonstrates a passion for learning and serving the community.  Her desire to learn Spanish and learn about the Latin American healthcare systems and cultures motivated her to study abroad in Ecuador, participate in the Nursing Global Health Initiative in Nicaragua, and pursue a minor in Hispanic Studies.  During this year, Paulina has put into practice the knowledge she has gained by serving the Boston community through her involvement in the Martha Eliot Health Center and Cancer Screening Day at Boston Medical Center.  Paulina also co-authored an abstract entitled “Through the Lens of Future leaders: Nursing Student Immersion in Global Health” that she presented at the Sigma Theta Tau convention in Texas during October.  She has been a great asset to the KILN program, CSON, and BC.  We wish her the best as she pursues her graduate studies in CSON’s family nurse practitioner master’s program.

Congratulations to the recipients and to the seniors graduating this year! We are very proud of all!

Good luck  with finals!