Attending the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Conference on April 18, 2013, was a wonderful experience.  The sessions expanded my knowledge on a variety of topics, including some that I would have never thought of before.  I learned a lot about adolescent and family communication and therapy, stress and coping in nursing, and research methods.  For example, the research method session opened my eyes to a variety of sampling techniques for obtaining a diverse and well-rounded sample.  The conference also taught me about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and new specific evidenced based ways to educate families about diabetes.  It was interesting to learn more about stress in the NICU and although I have never worked in such an environment, I do feel that it could be useful to all disciplines.  Moreover, I got a chance to attend presentations about teens’ perspectives on relationship violence and prevention of teen pregnancy in adolescent males, which were my favorite.

The best part of the conference was being able to socialize with other nurses at all levels of their career.  Heading to the conference with two other BC students allowed me to get to know peers outside of the classroom.  The conference offered a setting to interact with a number of undergrad students, other NP students and some PhD students.  Moreover, I met a number of professors from other colleges such as UMass Boston, Yale, NYU and MGH School of Nursing.  I also loved having the opportunity to spend time with the BC professors, at the reception after the conference.  I talked with Dean Hutchinson as well as Professors Ye, Fehder, Willis and Benavente.  In addition, hearing my KILN mentor, Professor Willis, present his work and individuals from universities all over the Northeast was great.  It was fantastic to engage with these individuals on personal, academic, and professional levels.  I would definitely be interested in attending this conference again in the future.