Written by Loic Assobmo

As a nursing student, my future aspirations are to synthesize my medical knowledge and entrepreneurial experiences in a way that will allow me to contribute to solving healthcare issues in Africa. Being that my ultimate goal is to work in the field of medical entrepreneurship, it was great to meet future leaders at the Africa Business Conference. I met top-level stakeholders and students from Yale, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and other major universities from around the world who were also passionate about solving healthcare issues in Africa. In addition, I was able to attend several panels where I heard from business stakeholders from companies like GE and Google discuss some of the latest market trends of business and healthcare in Africa. Not only was I impressed by their work in the field, but I was also excited to be getting some of the most up to date research in my area of interest.

One of the most memorable moments of the conference for me was meeting Ashifi Gogo, the founder of a company called Sproxil, which has done tremendous work to improve health in Africa by reducing the rates of the counterfeit drug industries. I got a chance to get his business card, some pearls of wisdom, and feedback regarding some of my ideas. This was just one of the many highlights from the conference. Overall, the conference has definitely increased my motivation and passion for global health and entrepreneurship.