On November 18, 2016, performance artist Dominique Coley shared provocative film clips and original poetry that addressed the problem of discrimination based on skin color and sexual orientation. The event, planned by Helen Au (’18) of the KILN Leadership Council, sparked a great deal of reflection on the part of the participants:

“This presentation reinforced the importance of cultural and national awareness in light of the traumatic and controversial events that have happened this year. Despite the discomfort

Dominique Coley (left) with KILN leader Helen Au (’18)

created by Dominique’s stories of discrimination, we could sense the building self-awareness that results from open discussions. After attending this event, I felt called to remain positive and hopeful for those who feel weary or defeated.”

-Thien Bui (’17)

“Dominique’s presentation provided insight that I can utilize in both my personal and my professional life. Knowing the points of view of persons of other races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations will be critical to my ability to provide holistic, therapeutic care for all patients.”

                -Lizzy Byrne (’17)

“Some of the images in Dominique’s presentation were unbelievable. It is disheartening to be reminded that our society is not as fair as I thought it was. Nonetheless, Dominique’s poetry assured me that I could be a part of the force against discrimination. In the near future, I will become an example of what a culturally literate nurse is and take little steps to bring about equality in the healthcare setting.”

 -Christine Kang (’18)

“Hearing Dominique’s point of view was very enlightening. Coming from a community at home with little diversity, it is refreshing to hear new perspectives. I also know that this talk was very important for me because it will help me as a nurse to view everyone with respect no matter what their ideologies are and to know that I should be empathetic and inclusive towards my patients.”

-Megan Groome (’20)