Recently I was able to attend the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) conference held in Dallas, Texas. I decided to attend this conference because it focuses on topics that I am very interested in such as nursing on a global scale, nursing abroad, and different ways to incorporate nursing in different endeavors and paths we decide to take later in life. At first I was not sure what to expect, but by the end I was loving every moment.

While at the conference, I had the opportunity to attend a variety of focus sessions. These hour long sessions focused on different areas of nursing, some relating to our time in school and some focusing on what to expect in the future. During those times we were able to learn about different possibilities that nursing students can focus on in the future, and network with some of the most amazing and inspirational nursing leaders that are out there today. These focus sessions covered a wide range of topics; the ones that resonated most with me were those that focused on the licensure exam, and hearing from nurses in specia1lizations such as the ER, MedSurg, and even a civilian nurse who had spent her life working and caring for veterans. By hearing from a a diverse group of speakers, I was able to learn about all the different areas I can focus on after graduation and in the years to come.

By attending this conference not only did I learn about the many opportunities that nursing students have globally, but also about the difference one person can make by getting involved and speaking up. This conference was very helpful in helping me network with other students, professors, speakers, and learn about the different opportunities and resources available.

– Kesla Silaj, ’17

As nursing students, it’s often difficult to see one’s importance or impact to the greater nursing field. But being at the convention, we were reminded that nursing students haveIMG_8791 a voice and can implement change. I am a part of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MaSNA) and this year we presented a resolution called “Compressions Only.” This resolution sought to have the NSNA promote the awareness and training of the compressions only CPR (COCPR) method on college campuses to untrained lay rescuers in order to help minimize the mortality of out-of-the-hospital cardiac arrest (OCHA). After presenting to the board and the delegates, our resolution got approved and the NSNA board will be working on implementing our resolution! Being a part of that was so inspiring and getting a chance to watch other nursing students present their resolutions and being able to vote on whether or not to approve their resolution was even more exciting.

The convention really allowed me to feel supported and it was comforting to see other students that were also getting ready to take the boards, students that were just starting out, and graduate students that have already started the conquer the workforce. Nurses really do call the shots!

– Abiola Lawal, ’17