“Attending the Unite for Sight Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University was an invaluable opportunity to continue considering how to integrate my passion forIMG_0341 global health and my future vocation as a family nurse practitioner. Leaders in the field of global health provided insight on the commitment, compassion, creativity, patience, perseverance, cultural humility, and integrity necessary to engage in global health work. Throughout my first year of the direct master’s entry in nursing program, I have been contemplating what it will look like to someday contribute to the field of global health as a healthcare practitioner. What is the role of the nurse practitioner in our global community? As healthcare providers, how can we aid in empowering local communities and health systems in a sustainable manner? While I continue to process the answers to these questions, the keynote speakers, panels, and discussions underlined the necessity of local empowerment to create sustainable change as well as the patience and flexibility required in the field of global health. They emphasized, above all, that health is a fundamental human right for each and every individual.”

– Noelle Tripp, ’18

“Panel presentations addressed findings and outcomes of established outreach programs, and social impact labs provided a platform for presenters to discuss preliminary ideas for global health innovations. At a panel discussion titled “Improving Outcomes ThrouIMG_3165gh Sustainable Initiatives,” I learned about outreach programs that have focused on improving tuberculosis outcomes in post-Ebola Sub-Saharan Africa, about population-specific approaches to care of chronic non-communicable cardiac disease in Haiti and Rwanda, and about global health initiatives to alleviate poverty by promoting sustainable farming through education and supply distribution. At the “Maternal and Child Health” social impact lab, I learned about programs that plan to distribute supply bundles for improved peripartum and antepartum care, about monitoring devices designed to improve neonatal health and survival outcomes, and about devices for implanting subdermal implantable contraceptives to improve long-term pregnancy prevention accessibility.

Overall, this was a wonderful learning opportunity and it provided me with a better understanding of current innovations in global healthcare. This experience helped me realize ways that I can contribute to global healthcare in my future nursing career.”

– Maggie Steinmann, ’18