KILN Students at Odyssey 2017 Conference (L-R): Christine Kang ’18 and Lanah Han ’18

After attending the “21st Century Nursing: Scholarship, Leadership, Service” conference in Ontario, California, our perspectives on nursing became broader and more defined simultaneously. The goal of the conference was to bring together nurses, nursing students, and nurse leaders to discuss strategies on successfully implementing research findings into practice. The Odyssey conference provided an intellectually inventive space to discuss research, clinical, and educational topics. The terms “innovation” and “implementation” were the driving ideas of the conference. Essentially, the main question we sought to answer was how we can become more effective in implementing changes that will ultimately improve the health system. Richard Ricciardi, the acting director of Division of Practice Improvement shared at the conference that we must set up a system that closes gaps among generations of evidence that delay health benefits and contribute to disparities. We were informed that there are multiple “drivers” of practice improvement. Essentially, each one of us is a node that creates an interconnected web.

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At the conference, we were also exposed to diverse research topics ranging from stroke prevention to preventing nosocomial infections. Nurses should be encouraged to get involved in research as they will be able to implement evidence-based nursing practice and provide optimal nursing care. It is our role, as prospective nurses, to advocate for our patient’s health and promote public health. Nursing research has the potential to address healthcare concerns and make a difference with the patient’s outcome. Nevertheless, in order for us to effectively care for patients, the healthcare system needs to be organized systematically and productive. As such, in our nursing career, we plan to innovate new ways of implementing service thereby not only providing clinical care to our patients, but also leading a synergistic healthcare network.

– Christine Kang ’18 and Lanah Han ’18